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Design, manufacture, transportation, installation and start-up of general ventilation in warehouses in the town San José Chiapa, Puebla.

  • Ventilation of warehouses Pressing, Tinsmithery, Assembly, Painting and General Offices
  • 140 x Air Handling Units
  • 1,400 Tons of Ductwork
  • 350 Extraction fans
  • 400 VRF Mini split for offices
CEDINSA project to Audi Puebla plant


Design, Manufacture, Transportation and Assembly of Smokestacks in the town Apaseo el Grande, Guanajuato for the TOYOTA plant.

  • Supply and assembly of 76 Extraction smokestacks for the Welding Shop, Resin Shop, Quality Control and Paint Shop warehouses
  • 154 Tons of Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Commercial Black Steel material
  • Square smokestacks from 500 x 600 mm to 3,600 x 3,000 mm and 18 meters high, the construction of the duct was TDC, crimped and welded
  • Circular smokestacks from Ø450 mm to 4,000 mm and 26 meters high, the construction of the duct was spiral duct, crimped, welded and flanged
CEDINSA project to Fujita Toyota plant


Design, manufacture and transportation of Air Handling Units in the town Fort Valley, GA, USA for the Blue Bird Corporation plant.

  • 2 x UMA (195,500 m3/hour and 136,000 m³/hour) for air supply to bus paint booths
  • 1 x UMA (102,000 m3/hour) for air supply to unit cooler
CEDINSA project for GK group, Bluebird Corporation plant


Design, manufacture and transportation of Air Handling Units in the town Choloma, Honduras.

  • 2 x UMA (357,000 m3/hour and 200,000 m3/hour) for air supply for air conditioning of production area, offices and cafeteria
  • 3 x UMA (40,000 m3/hour and 2 of 140,000 m3/hour) for air supply for cooling of Quench process (manufacture of synthetic thread)
Design, manufacture and transport of air handling units in Honduras


Design, manufacture and transportation of Combustion Chambers in province of Ontario, Canada.

  • 7 x Combustion Chambers for air supply for automotive paint curing ovens
  • 3 x Cooling Units for air injection to cooling tunnel
CEDINSA project for Honda plant


Design, manufacture, installation and start-up of rework booths on the paint line, including the processes of:

  • BIW Repair
  • Sealing
  • LASD
  • JIG Exchange
  • UBC Booth (Robot Zone)
  • UBC Booth (Manual Zone)
  • ED Sanding
  • Inspection In-line Repair
  • DAI Wax
  • BIW Heavy repair
  • Top-Coat Heavy Repair
  • Color Willing Booth
  • Re-Coat Body Preparation
  • Nix Wax
  • Air Shower Entrance
  • Hanger Cleaning Zone
  • Sash Tape
  • Unmasking Section
  • ED Q-Check
  • LASD Repair
  • Sealer Wet Repair
  • Leak Cheak
  • Top-Coat Q-Check
  • Wax Q-Check
  • Shelters
  • Platform Top-Coat Heavy Repair
CEDINSA project for Compas Nissan plant