CEDINSA® is a specialist in advanced air solutions for the industry, carrying out turnkey projects based completely on the client’s requirement. We are a flexible company, ready to adopt our company’s structure to your needs. We have the capacity to develop projects from zero, starting from engineering to the start-up, going through the design, manufacturing, transportation and installation processes at competitive costs.

We have our own CNC manufacturing equipment. The largest part of our engineering team is bilingual and has experience in markets of the automotive, textile and pharmaceutical industry, as well as industry in general.


Our team of engineers has the capacity and experience for the generation of exact calculations. This allows us to select and design equipment that satisfies our clients’ needs in their processes.

CEDINSA® offers its clients the possibility to visualize the behavior of its processes before changing and/or manufacturing the equipment necessary through CFD modeling and therefore tangibly confirm what was previously calculated.


CEDINSA® has a POST-SALES service department which will help you schedule the preventive and corrective maintenance of your facilities, as well as in the supply of consumables.

We currently have annual contracts established with companies such as Volkswagen and COMPAS, in which we have under our control:

  • Over 5,000 pieces of air conditioning equipment
  • Slurry pit management
  • Paint booth cleaning
  • Supply, control and change of filters in AHUs, Booths, Ovens and Combustion Chambers
  • Paint booth balancing


CEDINSA® has a long history of equipment installed in each of our projects to facilitate the identification of the parts required. We also have made-to-order parts in the following areas:


  • For rotary filters: cloth filter, rubber wheel, cleaning nozzle and cleaning bag
  • Sleeve filter for Inertial separator and static proof sieves z-type
  • Spray headers and spray header tubes, pumps, polycord belt
  • Droplet separator: Stainless steel (3 bent, 5 bent), PVC 3 bent
  • Pneumatic dispersing valve in different sizes


  • Spray headers, doors, dampers
  • Handles and sights for doors
  • Droplet separator: stainless steel (3 bent, 5 bent), PVC 3 bent
  • Trapezoidal inspection and diffuser registers


CEDINSA® can design and manufacture equipment based on the client’s specification to fulfill the requirements of the process in our workshop with over 5,000 m2 of production and assembly area, which has machinery and trained human capital for the creation of this equipment. For example, we can supply:

  • Air Handling Unit (AHU)
    • Moisture, temperature, filtration and air pressure control
    • Capacity to manufacture with flow rates greater than 350,000 m3/hour
    • Approved in companies such as NISSAN, AUDI, GM
  • Combustion chambers
  • Curing ovens for paint lines
  • Paint booths
  • Cooling booths
  • Rain-proof booths
  • Vertical glue drying ovens
  • Glue application booths
  • Ductwork system
    • TDC
    • Crimped
    • Flanged
    • Welded
    • Spiral duct
    • Galvanized, aluminized, FoNo, stainless
  • Pre-treatment tunnels